Witnesses that never were.



“Cherry Picking” witnesses is sometimes a criticism levelled at investigating officers and prosecutors.


In other words, it is sometimes alleged (primarily by the defence) that only witnesses that are liable to give evidence totally in support of building a prosecution case are called to Court, whilst other persons involved in an investigation that might have evidence to give that may be prejudicial to a successful outcome are omitted.


To level any such allegations against any of the Police or Crown Prosecutor’s officers involved in Marjorie’s case to deliberately do so would be difficult to support without being privy to any possible justifiable reasons as to why perhaps some de-facto witnesses were never called to give evidence or at the least supply written statements.


However, the following are a list of persons who prima facie would appear to have been useful as witnesses if only to corroborate some of the otherwise weaker presumptions and allegations.


The following is a list of persons that may have been worthy of inclusion.


Arguments for their inclusion are noted later in this book.


Listed In no particular order.*


Mr Albert Townsend

(Was willing to attend but too sick to travel from Canberra - provided written statement but was not able to attend to either corroborate or rebutt evidence in Court).


Arthur Norval, brother of Marjorie Norval.


Roy Norval, brother of Marjorie Norval.


Dr. Arthur John “Jack” McLaren Ross, medical practitioner.

(Albeit he was interned as a security risk during this wartime period and held in custody no statement or other supporting evidence was obtained from him) 


Mrs Ross, wife of Dr. Ross.


Housemaid to Mrs. Ross at Caloundra.


Dr. Lillian Cooper, medical practitioner.


Dr. Roy Victor Wilson, medical practitioner.


Dr. Wallis Hoare, medical practitioner.


Mr. Edgar Ferguson, formerly of Premier’s Dept and then of Agent General’s office for Qld in UK.


Mrs. Joyce Martin (nee Nillson) ex-maid at the Albert Hotel Brisbane.


Mrs. Bid Sheehan (nee Dunlea), personal friend of Marjorie Norval.


Mr. Edward Parsons, a co-worker of Arthur Wood,  at the Albert Hotel.


Mr. Leonard Pike, Agent General for Queensland based in the UK


Mr. George Taylor, former male associate of Marjorie Norval.


Mrs. Edith Stevens, wife of the Premier of New South Wales at the time.


Mr Webb (store-keeper at Caloundra)






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* NB it was indicated that all the aforementoned were still alive in 1943






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