The Doctors.

Some of the doctors have already been mentioned. Most appear on face value not to have been involved in any instances of mal-practice or unlawful activities. However, some were  drawn to the lucrative business of unlawful abortions.


One of the more colourful, if not infamous persons mentioned in the Inquiry that did not attend as a sworn witness or provide any statement to the Court was Dr. Arthur John McLaren Ross.








It was claimed that he was an abortionist, drug smuggler, spy for the Japanese government, tax evader and fraud offender, a Japanese acrobat, an herbalist, a gambler and a bigamist.


He also it would appear had close association with many politicians and was to become an enemy of Ned Hanlon, the successor to Forgan-Smith as Premier of Queensland.


In 1953 he was charged and convicted of performing an unlawful abortion. The ruling was subsequently overturned on appeal.


Dr. L.V.Cooper. 









One name that stood out at the time who by all accounts was a skilled and highly professional, if not somewhat eccentric doctor and surgeon has been included to add a further insight into the medical community at the time.


Marjorie had consulted this doctor but the medico was never, so it seems approached to give evidence at the Inquiry. There was no indication of any wrongdoing on behalf of this doctor, and it is for perhaps no other reason than the admiration that this medico deserves that a brief history appears in this publication.


Dr. Cooper who was born in Chatham Kent England on the 11th August 1861. She died in Brisbane on the 18th of August 1947. Nowadays it would appear she has been acknowledged as an historic icon within the gay community.


Dr. Victor Roy Wilson.


Born on the 30th May, 1897 at Ipswich, Queensland Australia.


A very bright young student at school, arrogant in his later years, a gambler and long-time suspected unlawful abortionist, intelligent, and self opinionated doctor by many accounts and prone to physical violence against his wife.


He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War and was discharged on the 30th November 1919.


He was appointed Queensland Government Medical Officer in 1924 at Esk Queensland early in his career.


In 1926 he was involved in a legal battle as a result of being a beneficiary to the will of a one Dr Edith Emily FOX (nee Edith Emily Thrupp) with whom he worked at her practice. It was alleged by relatives of Dr Fox that she had changed her will under undue influence in favour of Wilson.


He was also involved in lenghty contested divorce and custody proceedings with his wife.


In March 1932 WILSON was charged with performing an illegal abortion , a case which was subsequently dropped by the Crown Prosecutor.



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