The Court Witnesses.




The Witnesses (in order of being called)


Mrs. Rose Norval, mother of Marjorie Norval.

'I know she is dead. I have a presentiment.'


Mrs. Grace Monaghan (nee Norval) , sister of Marjorie Norval.


Mrs. Gladys MacPherson (nee Norval), sister of Marjorie Norval.

"She said she would be going away for a few days.She did not say where definitely, except that she thought it was the North Coast. She told me it was something to do for Forgan-Smith".


Mr. Arthur Wood, night cleaner at the Albert Hotel.


Mr. Thomas Harold, Sub-Inspector of Police.


Mrs. Merle Weller, licencee of the Albert Hotel Brisbane.


Ms. Annie Mary Stephens dressmaker.


Mrs. Mary Ellen Flanangan, housekeeper at the Albert Hotel.


Mr. James East, long standing male companion of Marjorie Norval.

“If she was pregnant I was not responsible”.


Mr. John Joseph Carey, male associate of Marjorie Norval.


Mr. Jack Hargrave Caton, long standing male companion of Marjorie Norval.


Mr. John Francis Barnes, Independent MLA  for Bundaberg Queensland.


Mr. David Scott Norval, uncle of Marjorie Norval.

“I remember she wrote to me about three days before she disappeared about the 8th of November. She said in the letter she intended going to Southport. She said she was going with Mrs Forgan-Smith’s invalid sister".


Mr. Herbert Carrington Jenyns, ladies’ garment retailer.


Mr. John Patrick Kelly, Solicitor Queensland.


Mr. John D T Pryde, bank officer, Commonwealth Bank Brisbane.


Mr. George Watson, Under Secretary at the Chief Secretary’s Department.


Ms. Kathleen Mercia Doran, personal female companion of Marjorie Norval.

“She told me she had to drive a sister of Mrs Smith who was a mental patient at ‘Willowburn.’“ (A mental health hospital outside Toowoomba).


Mr. Reginald B McAllister, Chief Secretary to the Premier of Queensland.


Mr. William Forgan-Smith, ex-Premier for the State of Queensland.

“A complete canard; a figment of a disordered imagination”


Mrs Euphemia Forgan-Smith, wife of the ex-Premier for Queensland.

“I have never known her to tell me a lie”


Mr. Joseph Edward Broadbent, Parliamentary legal draftsman.

“I won’t do it, it’s murder”.


Dr. Otto Sadler Hirschfield, medical practitioner.


Mr. Cecil James Carroll, Commissioner of Police, Queensland.


Thomas Harry Codd, detective Constable Queensland Police.


William Pinkser, Detective Sergeant Queensland Police.


Dr. Edward Holbrook, Director of Microbiology and Pathology Qld Health.


Ms. Elsie Stanley, work associate of Marjorie Norval.


Ms. Lucy Josephine Harrington, work associate of Marjorie Norval.


Dr. Peter English, medical practitioner.


Thomas Joseph Lloyd Detective Sergeant Queensland Police.


Stewart George Edward Kerr, Detective Constable Queensland Police.


William Khierain Fraser, Detective Constable Queensland Police.


William John Cronau, Detective Sergeant Queensland Police.


Dr. John Joseph Luddy, medical practitioner.


Mr. George Douglas Lee, Private Secretary to the Premier.

“Before she went away on the 11th of November she wanted to get two days leave to visit her sick uncle at Bundaberg. As far as I can remember it was her uncle that she conveyed to me was sick.”


Mr John Gibb, former  male associate of Marjorie Norval.

"I saw her in the Strand in London in 1939 during a holiday trip to the United Kingdom"


Mr. William C Daile, public servant, Office of the Police Commissioner.


Thomas Waldron Smith, Detective Constable Queensland Police.


Frank Percival Smith, plain clothes Police Constable.


Mr. Henry Walsh Gaggin, fisherman.


Frank E Bischof Detective Sergeant Queensland Police.

In May 1987 Acting Queensland Premier Bill Gunn ordered a commission of inquiry into possible police corruption involving illegal gambling and prostitution.  Tony Fitzgerald QC was appointed to lead the "Commission of Inquiry into Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct", known as the Fitzgerald Inquiry. Adverse findings were established against Frank Bischof, a freemason who had risen to the post of Commissioner of Police from January 1958 until his resignation, on the 13 February 1969, amidst allegations of corruption. As a Detective Sergeant he was one of the investigators in the Norval Inquiry. He died in 1979.


David Vincent Mahoney Detective Senior Sergeant Queensland Police.




















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