“I shall see you on Thursday. Don’t forget the tickets”


These were the last officially recorded words believed to have been spoken by Marjorie to her male companion James East when being left at Brisbane Central Railway Station shortly before 7pm on the evening of Friday 11th of November 1938.















 Brisbane Central Railway Station circa 1930


Witnesses gave their versions of what they had seen and heard of Marjorie just prior to her disappearance on the day.


Her possessions left in her lodgings at room 29 at the Albert Hotel, where she had been living for about a year, indicated that she had planned to return.


Her conversations and leave arrangements indicated nothing other than she planned to return.


To all concerned Marjorie appeared to be in good health and spirits on the day she disappeared. Marjorie had been seen at work during the day discussing her pending trip.



What happened to Marjorie thereafter was the subject of alleged political skulduggery, numerous conspiracy theories, allegations of murder, abortion, the catalyst of a suicide by a prominent politician and allegations of being “shanghaied”.


The eventual coronial inquest some five years after the event attempted to make sense of some of these claims and make a final judgement.





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