Marjorie's Brisbane.

To perhaps put things into context it should be remembered that Marjorie was born over one hundred years ago, and went missing aged 30 years in 1938 some 76 years before the creation of this story.


It is not the author’s intention, or within any expertise to offer a comprehensive history of Brisbane. The following is a snapshot merely to indicate a picture of the fledgling city in which Marjorie was a part.


In 1924, the City of Brisbane Act was passed by the Queensland Parliament. It consolidated many of the suburbs (then called towns in their own right) to form the current City of Greater Brisbane, now known simply as the City of Brisbane.


Brisbane was often referred to as a “big country town”, often suggested as being the poor cousin on the mainland Eastern seaboard to Sydney and Melbourne. However, in the 21st century it can stand alone as a desirable alternative to its rival State capitals.















Aerial photograph Brisbane circa 1938


From an estimated population of 209,946 in 1921, Greater Brisbane was home to 284,758 people by 1929 and 325,890 by 1938.


Queensland was a State heavily into prime production and the sugar industry was a substantial contributor to the economy.


The Premier at the time Forgan-Smith after leaving politics went on to a position in the Sugar Board and thereafter on the board of the Central Sugar Cane Prices Board until 1952. He died whilst on Sugar Board business as a result of heart issues and longstanding dormant throat cancer.



















Queen St circa 1938                                               City's new traffic lights circa 1935


By 1937 the light manufacturing industries in Brisbane employed some 25,000 workers producing consumer goods for the local market, especially clothes, processed foods, beverages and furniture.


In the same year Brisbane was the location for 1206 industrial sites, including a large rubber works a sugar refinery (at New Farm), three meatworks, five bacon factories, a cotton ginnery and eight plywood and veneer mills.


Brisbane had its fair share of theatres, pubs, hotels and of course brothels.






















Brisbane Map City centre circa 1938




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