Maybe because of an initial mindset of Marjorie having left to seek an abortion Marjorie's room was only superficially searched and no evidence officially recorded on paper on the day of the first visit.


Procedurally it could be argued there were some aspects that possibly could have been carried out more efficiently.


The room was left secure but unattended over four days. The first visit to inspect the room was on Saturday the 19th of November 1938 (the day of Marjorie being officially reported missing), then on Sunday the 20th, Tuesday the 22nd, and Wednesday the 23rd of November when on the last day an itemised list was recorded in the presence of Miss Doran, Marjorie’s close personal friend.


It would appear her office desk was not checked until the 1st of December 1938 (some two and half weeks after the event) and some exhibits taken.


Perhaps the tardy nature in collection and examination of the exhibits may not in this case have been an issue; however, it could have lead to criticism otherwise and indeed by current procedural standards may be considered unusual.



Again it could be argued that some items that might superfically infer or suport the theory of abortion were taken as exhibits at the expense of a more holistic approach.


The exhibits included medications, clothing and some personal documents.


The following is a re-examination of the exhibits (official or otherwise).


























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