It is now safe to say that no matter what happened to Marjorie in 1938 that unless she is now over 100 years old that she is dead.


What was never concluded was how she disappeared whether it was murder, death by the hands of another during an unlawful abortion, abduction, suicide or whether she just decided to go, or just went missing.


Much was said that the fact that Marjorie left her possessions and made arrangements to come back, thus supporting the argument that she was going for a secret rendezvous for an abortion with the intention of returning.


Abortionist were making big money and not necessarily providing a satisfactory outcome as far as the patient was concerned.


Although no in depth analysis of the cases has been done it was evident that generally speaking the patient, or victim, was located either dead or subsequently transported to hospital mortally injured, and only a few survived the ordeal unscathed.


Few  completely disappeared, albeit some bodies had been subject to concealment most were subsequently found in varying levels of decay often by burial or submersion in rivers or dams.


The case lead by Mr Sheehy, the then Crown Prosecutor who appeared to assist the Coroner included much factual information.


It also however allowed evidence of hearsay and opinion from laymen as to opinions of Marjorie’s character and her physical and mental state. Some of which would perhaps never be allowed in a criminal trial.


Police investigations although thorough, and indeed perhaps unprecedented for such a matter, did go to great lengths to support the theory that Marjorie was pregnant at the time of her disappearance offering perhaps obscure evidence including the examination of Marjorie’s corsetry and the interview of her dressmaker.


Other supporting inferences were made such as tendering of newspapers articles from interstate to compare and perhaps infer that Marjorie may have disappeared in circumstances similar to missing girls reported elsewhere, and to show that this type of case was not unique.


Marjorie was no doubt an intelligent person, and a “girl about town”. She would have been aware along with the rest of the community of the news and publicity and great personal danger of surrendering to an abortionist.


If Marjorie were seeking the services of an abortionist, with her connections and knowledge it could be argued that she would choose the path of least risk. Financially she would have been able to pay a top fee of the time, especially so with perhaps the assistance of those in power.




























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